Toddler Activities - Ideas for Learning Activities and of course, they are free!

Looking for Toddler Activities and need a few ideas? Well look no further! There are so many indoor activities you can do with the active little guys, here are a few I have used to get you started and will keep them busy!

If you make these activities a part of your daily routine, it will help your day flow a little smoother and be less stressful- who doesn't want that?!

You also don't need to go out and buy expensive items for these learning activities, either. These ideas I am giving you are simple, your supplies are some you already have on hand, or are cheap (or free), and all will work for indoor activities for those rainy or cold winter days, too!

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Of course, for these toddler activities you will want to plan ahead so you are sure to have what you need ahead of time or know what you want to do. Being prepared will be a huge time saver naturally, but also you won't have to be looking all over for the things you may need- Because you know what happens when you do? The toddlers will be restless, bored and more than likely get a little wild or try to find other things to do or get into (that you may not want them to!)
old lady with glasses We wouldn't want you to go down the same path as our friend Shirley R. Wrong has. Her idea of Toddler Activities is having them washing the dishes, scrubbing the floors, and vacuuming. She has babies with callouses on their hands and knees, one of them has carpal tunnel and another is seeing a chiropractor once a week!

Toddler activities can be can be a challenge for you- As toddlers aren't the most cooperative of all children. At this stage, they are not the greatest at sharing or playing with other children... they seem to watch and imitate more. This is why you want to keep your toddler learning activities simple and easily adaptable to the child. You will have hours of fun and remember to use your imagination! Take a look at Garden for Kids and Kids in the Garden for some real great spring time activities--the garden in a shoe is really fun to do with kids of all ages!!

Here is a site about Happy Children's Books that fill the bill. What is that bill? Anything you want for your child or children! And, what do children want? To be happy. This site is filled with important information for parents, especially mothers and mothers-to-be.

Toddler Activities:

* Puppets:

*Make a simple puppet out of a used sock or draw one on your hand and the toddlers hands. Let the puppets talk to each other, sing songs,tell stories, read stories, or have a puppet show! I have several purchased puppets for my toddler learning activities. I get them out as an attention getter at times when the kids seem a little out of control. They seem to respond to them as if some one new and fascinating came into the room! Be sure to give your puppet, whether it is your hand or purchased, has a "special" voice and a name.

sock puppets

- Pretend play areas (just a few ideas for your indoor toddler activities- can you think of a few more?):

*Go camping with a blanket tent, pretend food, binoculars,flashlight, pots and pans, etc.

*Beauty/barber shop- small sheet or blanket (for draping around neck and secured with a clip), hairbrushes, combs, safety mirror, etc.

*Shoe store- old shoes and shoes boxes, ruler (to measure foot) etc.

*Grocery store- pretend cash register, toy shopping cart,empty cereal, cracker, macaroni, pudding, etc. boxes, pretend food, stacked boxes or shelves, grocery bags (not plastic!)Petc.

*Play house- dress up clothes (for boys and girls) dolls, blankets, play tools, toy phone, etc.

*Fishing- toy pole (I don't recommend poles with strings for toddlers- see my **Toddler Safety Page**) large box for boat, cardboard fish, ball cap or hat, bucket, etc. halloween dress up *Hospital- play doctor kit, blankets, pillows, toy phone, etc.

*Zoo- several stuffed animals, or small plastic animals and blocks. The blocks can build the fence to keep the animals in.

*Mail carrier- your junk mail, old purse or bag (for the letters), hat, stickers for stamps, old coat, etc.

*Painter- hat, small bucket, paint brushes, sponges, water (remember, these are indoor toddler activities- You may not want the mess!)

Over the years my daycare toddlers and I have had hours of fun doing these activities. Please feel free to print this page so that you can use them in your child care home. Enjoy the times you'll share with your little ones while you do these toddler indoor activities- and don't forget to use your imagination!!!! I have added a bunch more of these activities for you on another page.... MORE Indoor Activities

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