Free Toddler Games - For days when the kids are BOUNCING OFF OF THE WALLS!

Free Toddler games are a great solution for you and moms and dads- they are lots fun and can make the most memorable moments for everyone!

And the best part? You don't need to go out and spend lot of money on expensive stuff, you can use things you probably have on hand. You can't beat that!

You can use these free toddler games in your everyday activities or for special occasions for kids, (like their birthdays). I also like to do toddler party games on cold winter days when we are stuck inside and want something fun and different to do- They seem to change up our routine enough to get everyone in a better mood!

Even if you live in a warmer climate than we do, your little ones will love these activities ANY time of year!

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You'll have to give these free toddler games a try and have as much fun as we do! Be sure to share your experiences and the toddler games with their parents- they love to know what their child is doing and learning from you, plus they may want to use the toddler party games at their homes, too!

You can also take some pictures of your fun (if the parents allow you to take photos of their child- you want to be sure you have written permission to do so). You could print your photos out for the kids, cut them out together, and glue them onto a few pieces of construction paper to make a little booklet.

Have the little ones describe what they are doing on each page, and write it on the page exactly as they say it. Even if it is jibberish! These make for adorable keepsakes for the parents, and the child. My daycare parents get a big kick out of reading what their child said. Be sure to date it- It is so much fun to look back and know how old the child was when they made one of their first art projects.

You could make this project a game... pretty much any activity you do can be turned into toddler games, however I am going to give you ideas for some specific free toddler games. As with toddler activities see my Toddlers Activities page, use your imagination. I can promise you, you WILL have hours of fun with the kids. You get to play! And playing is easier and less stressful than dealing with crabby or bouncing off of the walls toddlers!

Don't you agree???

old lady with glasses Our friend Shirley R Wrong is really into martial arts, she is a 19th degree black belt in Chop-sewage! Her games for the kids consist of breaking boards, concrete blocks and boxing each others ears!

FREE Toddler Games:

* Follow the Leader: Of course you know this easy game- but change it up a little by setting up a small obstacle course or by pretending you are different animals, or objects (like a train, car, boat, plane, etc.). Be sure to let your toddlers be the leader, too!

* Animal Tray Guessing game: Place a few different small plastic animals on a tray or cookie sheet. Have your toddlers study the tray and then "hide" their eyes. Remove one of the animals and see who can guess which animal is missing first. You could use other items for different themes- For example for toddler party games you could use; a birthday candle, a paper cup cake wrapper, a birthday card, a party hat, etc. You get the idea!

* Bean Bag toss: Make a few bean bean bags* (fill zipper sandwich bags with dried beans or rice). Cut a few circles out of a larger card board box. (You could decorate the box for a theme). Put numbers under each circle for points. Place a piece of tape on the floor for the toddlers to stand on and have them toss the bean bags at the circle shapes with the numbers (good time to discuss shapes and numbers for recognition). * You could sew a few bags out of felt and fill with beans if you don't want to use plastic, or else you could use small bean bag-type animals.

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kid ring around the rosy * Animal hunt: Have the toddlers go to another room and hide small plastic animals around your room (don't hide them too well or they'll get discouraged. The child who finds the most gets to hide them the next time. You can use plastic eggs at Easter time or party favors (for toddler party games), or other themed items. Be sure to keep track of where and what you've hidden!

* Pin the Tail on the ______: Use masking tape on whatever they are pinning on.... It could be pin the nose on the clown, Pin the Eyes on the Jack-o-lantern, Pin the ears on the puppy. Print out a large photo of one of the toddler's faces and play "pin the hat on Jacob". (This is lots of fun for toddler party games!) Again, use your imagination for different themes. You can draw the puppy head on construction paper and tape it to a door.

Here is a great free toddler game we all played when we were young;

* Duck, Duck, Goose: or change it up a little with different animals, or car, car, truck... or their names; Sara, Sara, Anna! (Anna being the "chase" word).

* Wake up Doggie, Your bone is gone : (Wow!! is this an old toddler game! I played this free toddler game in kindergarten, 40 plus years ago!!!) Kids sit in a circle, one child in the middle pretending to sleep. Place a small object- (a pretend bone, a block, or something smaller) next to the sleeping doggie. Have one of the toddlers quietly pick up the "bone" and put it behind his/her back- all toddlers then put their hands behind their backs to pretend they have all taken the bone. Then all together they will say "Wake up doggie, you bone is gone!" and the "doggie" then has to guess who has it. The child that has the bone gets to be the next sleeping dog.Here is a dozen more Toddler Games------ FREE!

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