What Are the Best Kids Toys in Your Home Daycare?

What are the best kids toys in your home daycare? With so many choices out there it is hard to decide!

Let's start you out by inventorying then making a list of toys that you already have. Be sure to include any kids outdoor toys and children's riding toys. Separate and categorize them to match the toy to the ages of kids you will be caring for...all the while checking them over for any worn or loose parts, sharp edges, and size (choking hazard).

Once you have a good idea what you HAVE you can prioritize what you NEED to purchase!

You will want to be sure you get what children need for their different ages and stages. By using this inventory method of what you have will definitely save you time and money!

What ages are you going to be caring for? Focus on that age group first.

It is better to do this than to go out and purchase all types of children's riding toys, toys for inside play, and kids outdoor toys when the children you may be caring for aren't at that stage yet.

Purchasing the best kids toys is really a process and it will take some time - as you can afford them.

Take a look at Developmental Baby Toys for information on what to use and what to avoid in those early months.


*Tip! Ask your local licensing agency if there are any start-up grants for buying equipment and toys. I have been able to obtain a few grants this way and buy some awesome kids outdoor toys this way. If there are none available, some banks will give new small businesses loans for start up... Something you may want to think about or check into.

Ask yourself BEFORE YOU BUY Is this toy suitable for the age of children I am caring for and is it safe?

- Check out the links below for some great toys I have reviewed!

(***Note, I will not include infants in this list- that is a whole separate page!***)

What Best Kids Toys I Use In My Home!

The best kids toys should develop thinking skills and problem solving. You'll want easy puzzles (4-5 piece). We love the following puzzles and have used hundreds of times and they can take what the toddlers can dish out!

All 8 Easy-Grip Puzzles

All 8 Easy-Grip Puzzles

This set of 8 Easy-Grip Puzzles help develop motor skills. The delightful pictures aid speech development and the learning of first words. Made out of sturdy birch beautifully cut and with no-fail attachments for the handles. Each puzzle measures 12L x 10W. Ages 2-4.

Stacking Shapes Texture Puzzles - Set of 2

Stacking Shapes Texture Puzzles - Set of 2

Bright colorful puzzle pieces are great to touch and handle - each surface has a terrific texture. Stack and sort the pieces to enhance learning of colors and shapes. Includes a plastic base 12L x 2 1/2W with posts that match designs of the corresponding foam pieces. 22 Foam Pieces.

Wooden Play Trucks - Set of 10

Wooden Play Trucks - Set of 10

This fun set includes 1 of each: ambulance city bus fire truck garbage truck ice cream truck news van mail truck police car school bus and taxi. Each measures 4L x 2 1/4H x 1W. Colors and designs may vary from picture.

City Rug

City Rug

This carpet will turn any child into a city-kid! Children will enjoy navigating around their city on this soil and stain resistant farm rug. Carpet is great to use with our large assortment of cars buildings and signs featured below. 36W x 80L. This 100% Nylon carpet has durable latex gel skid-proof backing and the highest flammability rating to meet all safety standards. Ages 3 and up.

6 Piece Set Of Funny Cars

6 Piece Set Of Funny Cars

Adding our set of 6 free-wheeling classic Wooden Vehicles supplies the traffic to vary the play. Each car measures 4-7/8"L x 2-1/2"H. Cars Only. Ages 2 years +.

What toddler (both boys and girls) doesn't love pushing around a car or truck on the floor while imitating the sounds vehicle make? And the nice things about having several durable toy vehicles (from the size of 2" to 15") is that not only do the toddlers love them, but preschoolers and older do too. These are a great for developing fine motor skills, and teaches them to copy sounds.

Also, you will want to be sure to include children's riding toys. These work great for kids outdoor toys as well as indoor. (I personally only use them outside- I don't have a lot of space).

Please Tell Us About Your Best Toys for Kids!

Do you have a great toy for kids to share? Please tell us about it.

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