MORE Indoor Toddler Activities.

Here are some more of my indoor toddler activities, feel free to print this page!

- Hide and seek

- Balance beam (piece of tape on the floor)

- Color or shape hunt (example- look around the room and find something "red" or "square")

- Hide the toy- give them hints to find it

- Toss or roll a soft ball (or ball-up old socks) into an ice cream pail, a great indoor toddler activity. Once you show them how, just sit back and watch!

- Toddler bowling (use clean and empty two liter bottles for pins and a soft ball)

- Helping you fold laundry (sock matching) folding towels into rectangles or squares

- Finger painting: to do this indoor toddler activity make your own homemade finger paint-Recipe- Mix together 3 Tablespoons of sugar with 1/2 cup of cornstarch. Add 2 cups of cold water (slowly). Next you cook this mixture over low heat until it thickens. When it cools, add a few drops of food coloring to make the paint color you desire! You'll want to refrigerate the mixture.

toddler with colored hands

- Dried up marker painting (dip in water). Talk about an economical indoor toddler activity--recycle dried up markers!

- Water color painting (on coffee filters- makes a beautiful butterfly if you bunch the center with a twist tie or string)

- Tempra painting with different objects (other than fingers or paintbrushes) Apples or other fruit/vegs (sliced in half), duplos, small cars or trucks (they love to drive them in the paint!) feet, sponges, feathers etc... Use your imagination here for these toddler activities! (just keep in mind that they may try to EAT whatever they are painting with! Be sure they are wearing paint shirts, too. (You can use old button up shirts for this; just put them on them backwards and button up the back!

- Rainbow bags: Mix cornstarch and a small amount of water in a sandwich bag. Add drops of different food coloring in the bag and let them squish.

- Bird feeders: Spread peanut butter on a pine cone or round pretzel or bagel. Have the kids roll them in bird seed. Tie with a string and hang outside. This is a great learning indoor toddler activities - that you can expand on by watching and identifying what kind of birds or animals visit their feeders.

- Play-dough: One of the best indoor toddler activities! But it can get a little messy- and they usually like to "sample" the finished product- don't worry, it's so salty they (usually) won't eat it!

Here is the recipe-1 cup salt, 4 cups of flour, 1 cup of warm water, food coloring (optional). Let them watch or help. First mix the salt and flour together in a large mixing bowl. Slowly add the warm water and knead until smooth. You could give them some round blocks as rolling pins, have some plastic cookie cutters, or simply encourage them to knead it, flatten it, and shape it! These are exciting indoor toddler activities, especially when you can't go outside!

- Necklaces: Piece of yarn with taped ends, or a shoelace- Have the kids string macaroni, round cereal or cut out shapes from construction paper and punch holes. Let them string them- older toddlers may make special patterns.

- Container play: Have several plastic containers with lids (like yogurt, whipped topping, margarine, etc.). Be sure they are clean and let the toddlers stack, sort, put things in them, etc. Another one of those economical indoor toddler activities that recycles! card board box playing - Binoculars: use toilet tissue, paper towel, or any cardboard tube. Give each child two matching tubes. Let the toddlers color with marker or paint. You tape the two together to make binoculars. They can go on a "bear hunt" or have them look through them and tell you what they see! (Can be used in your camping activity, too).

- Box train: Let the kids decorate several small boxes of different sizes (shoe boxes work great). Once decorated, string together so they can pull their "train" behind them- they can fill their box cars with different "cargo"- toys, blocks, cars, dolls, stuffed animals, plastic animals, etc.

- Simple chores as indoor toddler activities- give them their own damp cloths or paper towels for wiping walls, toys, floors, etc. They like to dust, too. We like to sing songs when we "work" together. I also have child sized mops, and pretend vacuum cleaners for my little helpers.If you make it fun and have a positive attitude, clean-up/pick-up time can be a breeze!

- Tong pick-up: Have several pairs of tongs and an assortment of items (small balls, stuffed animals, plastic animals, sponges or foam pieces, etc.) This will encourage the opening and closing movement for cutting- and I'll bet you their little tongues will be poking out as they attempt to do this!

If you landed on this page and missed my Toddlers Activities page, check it out! There are more activities there as well as some incite on the advantages of these in your business.

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