It is time for your kids in the garden to use their imaginations and have some fun because we are going to make “My old shoes garden”. Below are the step-by-step instructions so you can get going with your kids and gardening! This is a great Activity for the kids in your child care---you gotta try this one!!!!


What You Will Need:

  • Have your “gardening kids” bring old and clean shoes or boots. If they are unable to, check out garage sales, 2nd hand stores, or clearance sales to have some on hand. Other parents may be willing to donate some extras, too.

  • Rags, towels, newspapers, paint shirts, etc. for painting/decorating the shoes

  • Acrylic paints and paint brushes or sponges

  • Spray acrylic

  • Potting soil for your kids in the garden

  • Small rocks or pea gravel for drainage

  • Paper cup or measuring cups or scoops

  • Enough small flowers or vegetable plants that you can transplant, unless you would rather have seeds for your kids and gardening. I like to use the transplants for my gardening kids. Greenery is pretty too (such as an English Ivy).


1. Cover your work surface with newspaper. Wearing their paint shirts- (you should too, acrylic paints stain!), let the gardening kids clean their shoes with the rags or paper towels and be sure they are dry.

2. Let them paint their shoes with brushes or sponges with bright and bold colors. After the paint dries spray the shoes with the spray acrylic and let that dry thoroughly.

3. Next they will place a few of the rocks in the bottom of their shoe and use the measuring or paper cup to scoop the potting soil into the shoe. Be sure that they fill it at least half way (how much really depends on the size of the shoe). Have them place their plant or seeds in the dirt, then add more soil around the roots, lightly patting the soil around the plant.

4. Have your gardening kids water the plant very gently.

5. Place your beautiful My Shoe Garden where they will get bright sun light. The soil should be kept moist but not soaking wet.

These make excellent gifts for moms, dads, grandparents, etc….See how much fun kids and gardening can be?! Here is more information on Garden for Kids.

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