Toddler Biting... OUCH!

Toddler biting is frustrating! It's hard to control or know when a baby or child, with vampire-like teeth, are going to sink them into you or one of your day care kids! I know I couldn't wait for my babies to get their teeth and that many parents anxiously await with great anticipation the day that first tooth pops through. The excitement is short-lived though the first time their child takes a chomp on another person!

I have had many biters in my daycare home, and let me tell you- honestly, quite scary. You never know when they will "attack"! And quite frankly having to tell a parent their child was bitten by another child is really hard to do.

You can't tell them "who" did it (privacy law) either. It is dreadful!
The parents of the bitten victim don't want their child to be hurt and sometimes get pretty upset, and the parents of the biter usually feel frustrated and most times, embarrassed.

Unfortunately, toddler biting is very common in young children. There are many different reasons for kids biting as well as different circumstances. When you can learn the reason the toddler is biting, you can then begin changing their behavior.

Fortunately children (usually) only bite for a short time during their development.

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So...What can YOU do to help prevent biting?

My husband Scott has given me some incredible advise that has seriously helped me over the years and I want to share with you- He says "WORK THE PROBLEM, DON'T LET THE PROBLEM WORK YOU"

And that is exactly the kind of advise that will help you with biters.

When you figure out the triggers that cause the child to bite you can begin preventing it! There are many reasons for

Chiild Biting! I have learned through my biting classes to use the "Who, what, when, where, and how method"- to work the problem!!!

Document or chart this information using:

  • Who: Who bit, and who was the victim?
  •  What: What happened before, during and after the chomp? What is causing this aggressive behavior?
  • When: When did Dracula strike?
  • Where: Where did the deed occur?
  • How: How did YOU Handle it... Don't be a "Shirley R. Wrong" here!
old lady pointing

Shirley R Wrong has the victim bit the other child back. I hear one of her former kids is still biting others and now his wife is divorcing him! So much for "toddler" biting.

By documenting the incident (or several incidents) you can see what may be causing the child to bite, the time frame they do, what is happening, what your plan of action is and prevention ideas. Here is a list of my Biting Prevention tactics!

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