Let’s Make a Special Garden for Kids!

Spring and summer are the perfect time of year to make a special garden for kids! Gardening with kids is a wonderful learning experience for all.

Your garden doesn’t need to be enormous or even one dug up in your back yard. You can grow your garden for kids in pots, tubs, storage containers, half barrels, old cups, old shoes, old wagons, wooden boxes, buckets, plastic cups, or anything strong enough to hold the dirt and plants, and will drain. Use your imaginations! Ask your daycare children what they think they could put their seed in for their kid’s garden- You may be surprised at what they can come up with and how great this is even for Toddler Activities! Next you’ll want to choose what you are going to plant in your garden for kids. This is a perfect opportunity to talk to them about different plants that grow in the garden and different kinds of gardens like vegetable, herb, flower, or ones that attract butterflies or birds.

You also could go with special themes for your kid’s garden. Such as:

  • My favorite color garden: Since their favorite color is green they could plant green beans, peas, green peppers, lettuce, etc. If their favorite color is red they could grow tomatoes, radishes, red peppers, etc….. You get the idea!

  • My butterfly garden: In this garden for kids you could plant some nectar producing flowers that attract butterflies such as daylilies, butterfly weed, petunias, asters, marigolds and nasturtium (just to name a few)

  • My rainbow garden: Use plants that are the color of the rainbow.

  • My “Beanie Baby” garden: In this kid’s garden you will want to suggest different types of beans to plant like green beans, black beans, lima beans, string beans, yellow beans, bean sprouts, etc.

  • My Old Shoe garden: Have the kids bring one of their clean old shoes to plant their seed of choice in.
By using your imaginations and talking to your daycare children you can come up with lots of fun ideas and ways to make your own special garden for kids.

Have fun, talk about gardening with kids by letting them touch the seeds, noting the shape, texture, and size. Let them plant them in the soil and water them, explaining what the seeds need to grow. You’ll have hours of enjoyment from a kid’s garden!

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