Signs of Teething in Infants and Teething Symptoms

What are the signs of teething or Teething Symptoms. The answer lies in each individual infant. Every child is different when it comes time to cut them through. It can be a very confusing time for everyone involved with the baby, too. Parents are usually confused as to why their baby is so fussy and will need your help in determining whether it is teeth or an illness. For one baby the teething symptoms may be very minor and in others very painful! Signs of teething follow hereditary patterns. You can help yourself and help the parents by inquiring when they got their teeth as infants- and hopefully they will know or can find out!

It can take, what it seems like forever, for the teething symptoms to subside and for all of those tiny teeth to pop through. I have had infants who look like a tooth is coming in (a little bump in the gum) for several weeks. And I have parents who swear a tooth came through, but then magically disappeared. And then there are the teeth that just show up with no signs at all.

I've read that the average the first tooth comes in around the age of seven months, and this has been my experience, too. But be aware, some can come in as early as three months, (I've never had this with any of my infants I've cared for- the earliest I've seen is 4 months). And as frustrating as it can be with all of the teething symptoms, some kids don't get them until they are a year- wow, that could seem like forever!!! Check out my page on Teething Remedies.

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The eye teeth coming 
Our lil girl of 11 months has had very lil pain with the front top and bottoms. Only waking once in the middle of the night to have a bottle for 2 or 3 …

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