Illness Prevention Tips For Child Care Providers

Illness prevention tips that will help you to stay working and feeling good while you are working!

The Flu
You can get the flu when tiny amounts of mucus are transmitted from someone who talks, coughs or sneezes on you, and they have it or have been exposed to it. This is something that will SURELY occur in your child care home- especially when you are holding a child and they do it directly on you! Flu comes on suddenly, lasts longer than colds and is more serious. 

Flu season (and it has been a TOUGH one this year) in the United States generally runs from November to April. Here are illness prevention tips to combat the spread of flu and help you not get it!

I have also covered Child Health System to help with prevention methods.

lady vomiting
  • Wash your hands and have the children you care for wash theirs, too- Several times a day!  Wash them with soap and warm water, especially before eating and after using the restroom.  
  • Cover your cough. Teach the kids to do the same.* Cough into your sleeve or elbow. Better yet, do so into a tissue if you have one available, and then throw the tissue away. (And then go wash your hands/their hands).  *I suggest reading “Germs Are Not For Sharing” by Elizabeth Verdick to the kids during your story time. You may have to do so SEVERAL times.

  • Take some time off! If you get sick, help yourself to get well by taking off around four days, or until your fever has been gone for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medication. Make sure parents follow this policy with their children , or everyone in your daycare home will get it!

  • Get vaccinated. Vaccination is the best illness prevention tip I have for you where the flu is concerned! Urge your parents to have their children get flu shots, too. To find a flu vaccination clinic near you, contact your local or state health department.
  • Choose a healthy diet packed with antioxidants that can flush away the toxins in your body. Balanced nutrition can help you achieve this.

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  • Stay Active! If you are sedentary- focus on getting more exercise. If you walk just 30 minutes a day it will improve your overall health.

  • Try to find a way that will relieve your stress. We all know dealing with little kids day in and day out can be very stressful- then add the stressors from family, friends and life! These stresses can wear you down and make you sick. Find what works for you… yoga, exercise, reading, resting, massage, a hot bath, etc. … to reduce your stress levels.

Other Child Health Issues You Need to Deal With

As a care giver, you need to be aware that parents may ask you about “my child’s mental health”. Child Mental Health Services as well as child health information is available to child care providers when you have concerns. Immunizations and Autism, the CDC and the NIH, two of the leading health organizations say that there is no relationship between the two.

Acid Reflux in Infants and Baby Acid Reflux
Some people believe that baby acid reflux is only in sickly infants, but most babies who have it are otherwise healthy.

Something as simple as Severe Diaper Rash is part of the health system you are responsible for as a child care provider. Many times the system begins with you and how you react and treat the issues that come up will determine how healthy your child care will be.

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