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This is our Child Care Equipment Store that we put together to help you have a successful business. These products are selected by careful review. They are intended to improve your business and the care you provide. Child care equipment is important, it can make your job easier, safer, improve profit, reduce stress and certainly make your job a lot more fun!


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You could do what Shirley R Wrong does, she uses duct tape for her child care equipment - she buys it by the case. We are not sure what she does with it but we "hear" the kids she watches don't hit other kids, spit, holler or scream, bite other kids, have leaky diapers, spit up, stand on chairs, or throw toys or food!!!! Wonder how she does it? Maybe she should have looked in our child care equipment store?

Ok! Enough Fun! Onto our Child Care Equipment Store.

Minute Menu Kids Pro is the Industry Leading Software for Family Child Care Providers.

Minute Menu Kids Pro is used by about 30,000 family child care providers across the US to record menus and attendance, manage child information, prepare their taxes, invoice parents, prepare lesson plans, and more! It is the premier child care management software for home-based family child care businesses. Click our link and get $5 off any product.

Minute Menu Kids Pro

Our Featured GIFT site for your kids

Photo Personalized DVD forKids This is an awesome gift and we have purchase it through our child care equipment store. Your child stars in these products by just providing a photo. Wait till you see their face when they watch a DVD or book with "them" in it!!! With hundreds of Personalized Gifts available including Personalized DVD's for Kids, Personalized Sports Gifts, Personalized Children's Books and more.

This is the safety gate we use. All Clear Swing Gate As a matter of fact I love them so much I have 4 of them! Here is why; They are see through without the fence-like grid that kids seem to catch their little fingers on. They clean up easily, they lock in place and are SUPER sturdy. These gates are quick release, can be mounted to swing away or just lift away. All Clear Swing Gate

Here is what "The First Years" has to say about the All Clear Swing Gate: it sports a good-looking molded plastic frame with clear plastic center panels. It can be doorway mounted using pressure or permanently mounted using the included hardware. When pressure mounted, the gate doesn't swing open but is easily portable from room to room. When hardware mounted, the gate swings easily one way or two ways, and can be used in doorways or at the top of stairs. Regardless of the way in which it is mounted, the gate slides to expand and fits doorways ranging from 27.5 to 42.5 wide.

Next is an item that has helped me in a tremedous way during nap-time. My husband installed wireless cameras over each crib and baby bed in our home so that I can watch all of the kids while they are sleeping. The cameras cycle on the TV screen in my kitchen. Then when I don't need the monitor I can switch it back to the TV stations! It's AWESOME! Babies always sleep near me, but now I keep track of the older toddlers every minute. They even have sound! It took him about 15 minutes to install the wireless system.


I asked him to find some economical systems to put here for you to check out so he has tried to put some good choices below....

The one below runs on batteries so you can take the monitor with you wherever you go!

Lorex LW2002W Digital Wireless Baby Monitor

Lorex LW2002W Digital Wireless Baby Monitor

Latest digital wireless technology provides crystal clear color images, day or night. Secure wireless signal cannot be viewed by your neighbors. No interference from other devices in your home like cordless phones and wireless computer networks.

This unit hooks up to any TV or PC. It is the one we use. You can get multiple camera units.

Lorex LW1012: Color Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Cameras

Lorex LW1012: Color Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Cameras

Lorex Enhanced Wireless Technology eliminates interference from most household appliances and the slim line receiver connects to TV / VCR / DVD Recorder devices in minutes. Enjoy listen-in audio from one of the built-in microphones and the option to have the receiver alternate camera viewing automatically

This is an item I would not be without,,,,it's a safe play corner area. Check out what works great for me and my kids! MULTI_PURPOSE Baby Play Mat

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