Teething Remedies and Baby Teething Toys

Teething remedies? Baby teething toys, a teething pacifier, teething tablets, cold wash cloths with knots tied in them, infant Tylenol or ibuprofen are just some of the things that parents and I have tried for teething remedies*. Some of these have helped, while others didn't- it all depends on the baby. I would certainly suggest giving them a try. Naturally you and the mommy's and daddy's want to make things better for the baby.

*Note: Before trying any of my suggestions listed below or any other type of home/natural teething remedies, I highly recommend that you encourage your daycare parents to contact their pediatrician first. Their pediatrician may have advice for them first (before trying anything mentioned on my site or on any other site you/they may be searching. Their baby's doctor knows what is best for their child).

Baby teething toys:

As I mentioned on my Signs of teething page, providing a baby with their own baby teething toys is a good idea. Some of my parents have recently introduced me to a teething pacifier. Sassy Teething Feeder ON AMAZON These are awesome for them to chew on. Check it out in the right column. I also put the refills there for you. Very cheap and my parents swear by them!

baby chewing on a toy They will gnaw on them and helps to ease their discomfort, and keeps them interested long enough to get their mind off of the pain. They have a little netted bag that you can securely insert an ice cube into (yeah, it gets a little drippy, but its just water and it dries!), or some people put frozen fruit, or apple slices into. (I personally have not done this- I can imagine it is pretty messy). Bottom line here, I totally love this teething pacifier- but more important, so do the babies I care for!

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of baby teething toys you can buy. Keep in mind when you do, that these are for a baby's mouth- make sure the toy >b>doesn't have small pieces that can break off (choking) and by all means, be positive that they are lead free.

Cold sippy cups of water or bottles of cold water: Sometimes a cold drink will help, but I find that most of the time the baby just wants to chew on the lid or nipple.

Your fingers: Once you start this and continue to let them do this, sooner or later you'll probably have to teach them not to bite! If you do let them chew on you be sure to wash your hands frequently! I have found in younger infants that massaging their gums seems to help sometime. baby crying with mom teething remedies

Baby Oral Gels: I am not a big fan of this for teething remedies, nor have my parents' been. I have yet to have a baby that likes to have this stuff in their mouths. They seem to fuss more than before I put it in. Just my opinion! Parents should consult their doctor before using this.

Cold food (older babies)- pureed fruits or applesauce, or cold baby yogurt. You can certainly give this a try- Most times my babies like their food room temperature, or slightly warm. More than once they have turned their heads away or pushed the spoon away when it was too cold. But some babies may find comfort in this, and it is nutritious- an added bonus!

Teething Necklaces (Baby teething toys): They make them for the baby to wear and also for the mom's to wear (for the baby to chew on).

The mom necklaces are pretty stylish, but can be pricey. I personally don't wear one for my daycare babies, but it might be a fun idea you could suggest or a unique gift you could give new daycare mommy. Here is one at Amazon some of my parents use; Smart Mom Bling Teething Necklace - Mother of Pearl

Share your Teething Stories and remedies!

I can't wait to read about your teething story or tip. Thank you in advance for sharing.

Medication (acetaminophen or ibuprofen). As teething remedies go, this is last on my list and I would use only if all else fails. You will need written authorization from parents to administer (any and all medication) to the baby, and I would recommend you tell the parents to check with their doctor before they give any to their baby. The doctor needs to give his okay and advise them on what medication, the correct amount and how often it should be given. I know many parents do like to use medication, especially when they have a fussy baby who won't sleep at night. I've been there, done that and I can't say that I blame them!

You'll need plenty of baby teething toys, (check out the teething pacifier), and keep all of these teething remedies in mind. Please share them with your daycare parents, and of course obtain approval from them and their doctor before you use any.

It's a trial and error kind of process that is not the same for each baby. By working together with the parents, you'll find what provides the best relief the child. (Could be one or several of these teething remedies).

A happy, healthy, showing a toothy smile baby- that's the goal!

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