Let's get down to the teething symptoms:

What are the teething symptoms a baby may experience? (Remember, these will vary from infant to infant) And because each child is so different, you'll want to advise their parents that with these symptoms, its always best to check with their doctor or pediatrician- especially if you think they have a teething fever.

I know that many of these Signs of Teething happen around the same time that they get their teeth, and it's quite a coincidence, but again, we are not doctors and we want to give the parents the best advice (check with their doctor) to rule out other causes, such as ear infections. child care bitting dog bone

- Fussiness

That's pretty self explanatory! Babies can get really fussy the closer the tooth comes to the surface of their gums. Some will cry and this is a really good indicator of signs of teething. And unfortunately this can go on for quite some time. Some babies get used to it, while others are fussy until they get each and every tooth in (molars included).

- Pulling at Their Ears

This can be confusing for all of us when a baby constantly does this. You begin to question if it is ear infection or teeth. Sometimes it can be both. Be aware of an infants habits- if they suddenly beginning to pull at their ears, it could be one of several teething symptoms (pain in the gums going to the ears) or it could be an ear infection, especially if they have a teething fever. This needs to be determined by a doctor.

baby chewing

- Drooling

Pretty good indicator! When they are about three or four months old, you will notice that a baby will have sometimes, excessive puddles of drool! Have a bib handy, because when an infant drools a lot, they can develop a rash on their chin. I like to have a "burp cloth" handy to be sure to carefully wipe their little faces often. You don't want their poor little faces to be chapped.

- Low-grade Fever

I have learned over the years that this teething symptom is not agreed upon by all doctors, and I have had babies who do get a slight fever during teething. However, I never mess around with fevers in infants- I ALWAYS advise parents (and you should too) to call their doctor; You don't know if it is a teething fever or something else- Especially if the fever lasts more than a couple of days.

Share your Teething Stories and remedies!

I can't wait to read about your teething story or tip. Thank you in advance for sharing.

- Biting and Chewing on Everything

You will find that a baby showing signs of teething will chew on everything (sometimes even you!). They will literally put everything in their mouth that they can to try to bite those teeth in! This will help them relieve some of the pressure from under their gums. I make sure I have plenty of baby safe toys for them (sometimes their parents will provide these). Be sure to clean and sanitize them several times a day... remember the excessive drooling!

- Poor Sleeping.

If I recall, this seemed much worse with my sons at night time, but as with all of the teething symptoms, it is different for each baby. I have had many babies who have trouble while napping- the pain doesn't discriminate between day and night and it can wake them up, unfortunately!

- Yikes! Diarrhea!

This is another one of the teething symptoms that I've found is not agreed upon by all doctors. But I can tell you from changing thousands of diapers during signs of teething, I have definitely noticed that some babies will have looser poopie diapers! Again, along with teething fevers, any time a baby has diarrhea over a couple of days, advise parents to check with their physician. baby teething ring

- Cold Symptoms~

Like a runny nose, coughing etc. Sometimes you'll notice these symptoms of teething and most times you and the parents will wonder if the baby has a cold. After all, they always seem to have their little hands in their mouths or are chewing on something and goodness knows the germs that go along with that. Once more, if they have a teething fever along with these teething symptoms, best to advise that doctor call again! Better safe than sorry.

When you see signs of teething babies in your daycare remember, this is the time when you and their parents need to discuss and determine what each of their teething symptoms are and how to deal with them. I promise you - they will get through it! Some, sorry to say, just take longer than others! Check out this great list of Teething Remedies for all kinds of ways to improve this painful condition for your little ones!

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