The eye teeth coming

Our lil girl of 11 months has had very lil pain with the front top and bottoms. Only waking once in the middle of the night to have a bottle for 2 or 3 days, constant drool and chewing and once they cut than she was back to her regular happy go lucky self. These eye teeth are a different story. It has been a week of fevers ranging from 101 to 105, spending hours a day in a cool tub with her, getting just a couple hours of sleep each night, 1 day of vomiting, 2 days of no eating (when all she usually wants to do is eat anything that she can get her hands on even if shes had 3 bottles and 3 meals and 3 snacks that day). This last 2 days have been diarrhea and a snuggle bug who just falls asleep from the exhaustion the last week has caused, not to mention Tylenol every 4 hours. The eye teeth have cut through several days ago but the teeth directly beside are bulging through her poor lil gums And the symptoms are starting all over again.

Have done some research and some of the newer stuff say that fevers are not normal with teething but I have talked to many moms who have babies getting or just got their eye teeth and all say that the fever was so bad for several days that their child barely ate, slept and they contemplated a visit to the ER. I have heard that these teeth are the worst time in a child's life and I am hoping it is true, if anything is worse than this than they should come out with something to keep our lil ones under during this teething horror show that causes horrific symptoms that I am glad it is at an age that no one can recall back and remember the horrific ordeal.

Thanks for the post! You exactly right, there can be a lot of discomfort with these teeth.

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