Acid Reflux in Infants = Yuck!

It is awful when you experience acid reflux in infants. I think you know what I am talking about-baby puke, spit up, barf, vomit, or yucky stuff- as my daycare kids call it! This happens when the contents of the little guy’s stomach come back up, and many times all over you, the baby, and anyone else in the way.

It is a really common problem and usually happens shortly after you feed the baby, but be warned! Infant acid reflux can strike anytime… could get you when they cry, are playing, coughing, sitting in an infant seat relaxing, or if the baby is straining. Some people believe that baby acid reflux is only in sickly infants, but most babies who have it are otherwise healthy. There are many things to consider and to help with keeping everyone healthy here is a helpful page, Illness Prevention Tips.

What can you and the parent’s do with this health issue??? If you can’t wait till the baby is around 12-18 months (when it typically goes away on its own) you can try these things to reduce acid reflux:

Try changing how you feed the baby:

  • Smaller and more frequent feedings
  • Changing up the position that you feed the baby in
  • Burp the baby more

Sometimes the baby may need to be seen by a physician for medication or other treatment.

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As a care giver, you need to be aware of the many different health issues that parents may ask you, even when its about “my child’s mental health”. Child Mental Health Services as well as child health information is available to child care providers when you have concerns. Consider this-- Immunizations and Autism, the CDC and the NIH, two of the leading health organizations say that there is no relationship between the two.

Something as simple as Severe Diaper Rash is part of the health system you are responsible for as a child care provider. Many times the system begins with you and how you react and treat the issues that come up will determine how healthy your child care will be.

Following these important steps in your own child health system will ensure that you are doing your best to promote good health, child health nutrition, and avoid children’s health issues!

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