Child Mental Health Services and Child Health Information

Child mental health services as well as Child Health Systems are available to child care providers when you have concerns. As a care giver, you will want to be aware that parents may ask you about “my child’s health” and Illness Prevention Tips to keep them healthy.

In an average day you are more than likely with children longer waking hours than their parents are.

You may notice some areas of concern. And because of the relationship you build with the family, it is more important than ever that you someone they can go to for support.

What are some of these concerns that you may encounter and the parents/guardians may ask about?

Here are a few in mental health:

  • Does my child have ADHD?
  • Is my child depressed?
  • How do I help my child through traumatic experiences?
  • Is my child autistic?
  • Where can I go for child mental health services?

Here are a few they may ask about child health information:

  • Is my child getting the proper nutrition he/she needs?
  • Is my child over/under weight?
  • What are the proper food portions for my child’s health?
  • Why won’t my child eat?

There of course are many more questions they may ask about mental health and child health information… what is your answer?First and foremost I would recommend that parents voice any mental and nutritional health concerns with their child’s physician. It is not your job to diagnose, but you should promptly encourage them to seek help for the child’s sake.

Secondly I would seek help within your community since these issues may be out of your area of expertise. Become familiar with services that your community offers. My community, for example, has a local Department of Human Services plus Child Care resource and Referral where I am able to get information on where to access programs to help the family get the resources they need. Your community may be different and your mental health services may be hard to access.

Please share your experience or expertise about Child Health.

Do you have a great story about Childrens Health?

Can you help others with Fevers, Rash, Colds, Dehydration, Coughs, Diarrhea, Teething, Acid Reflux, ANYTHING related to a child's health? Share it with us!

You may have to become diligent in your search for help. You may have to ask your licensing agency, friends, city’s health department, or possibly your county offices. This may be the only way you can find the services the child/family may need. Parents will be appreciative that “my child’s health” is your main concern and that you are there to help them.

Finally, you can research online for help. Be aware that not everyone is an expert. Here is a website for good information on mental health services at: National Institute of Mental Health

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