How can you be sure it is baby acid reflux???

Here are some symptoms and signs of baby acid reflux or

Acid Reflux in Infants:

  • Spitting up several times a day or vomiting
  • Fussiness when you feed him and also after you feed him
  • He is constantly or suddenly crying – Many call it “colicky” baby
  • He is irritable and seems to be in pain

  • He usually has poor sleep habits and he wakes up frequently

  • He may arch his back and neck during or after eating. He may also cry when you place him on his back after a feeding, too.
  • Have wet burps or gets the hiccups a lot.
  • Seem to get frequent ear infections or sinus congestion.

  • He is coughing.
  • He is wheezing.
  • He may refuse to eat.

Just like other illnesses you must pay attention to severe cases and useIllness Prevention Tips. In acid reflux cases, the baby may arch his back while crying and this may look like the baby is having a seizure.

When should parents take their baby to a doctor for acid reflux…

  • If he isn’t gaining weight
  • If he is resisting feedings
  • If he has other signs of illness such as; fever, diarrhea or difficulty breathing
  • If he has blood in his stool
  • If he spits up forcefully, causing stomach contents to shoot out of his mouth- projectile vomiting
  • If he spits up a yellow or greenish looking fluid
  • If he would spits up blood or a material that looks like coffee grounds
  • If he would begin vomiting at age 6 months or older. These symptoms could be a sign of a much more serious illness other than acid reflux.

 Urge parents to seek medical attention immediately!

Following these important steps in your own child health system will ensure that you are doing your best to promote good health, child health nutrition, and avoid children’s health issues! Every child care provider should establish a child health system in their home to help keep the infants and toddlers as healthy as possible. With this type of prevention, along with good child health nutrition, you can prevent many children’s health issues by following these important and fairly simple steps:

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