Severe Diaper Rash: What can you do BEFORE it gets out of hand?

The baby you are caring for has a severe diaper rash- what can you do? Many parents will look to you for the answer because you should be the expert on changing the diapers! They are searching for a diaper rash remedy before they call the doctor.

Here are some home remedies you can suggest/try for that bad diaper rash and to prevent it. Here is a word of caution for you- if these fail, (because most diaper rashes can be cured within a few days), you will want to suggest to the parents/guardians that they call their baby’s doctor.

Home remedies for diaper rash:

  • Check and change the baby often. You want to keep the baby clean and dry. Pat their bottom with a soft towel to be sure they are nice and dry. Let them be exposed to some fresh air before putting their diaper back on.
  • If possible, let the baby “air out” bare-bottomed whenever possible. This is especially helpful for a really bad diaper rash. However, this is something that is easier for parents to do (you may not be comfortable). If you do, use a diapering mat with a towel placed over it (so you can wash it).
  • Try using water on a soft washcloth instead of baby wipes to wipe the baby’s bottom. This is a great diaper rash remedy because the alcohol and chemicals in the wipes can really irritate the baby’s skin. To prevent a rash, use a mild soap, specifically for babies, with water on a soft washcloth- rinsing away any soap residual with a second wet cloth.
  • You and parents can try diaper rash ointments or creams containing zinc oxide. These can help the rash area from being irritated from poop and urine. NEVER use baby powder- it can get into the baby’s lungs.
  • Try different diapers or soap used on the baby’s clothing, blankets, bedding, towels, and washcloths for a diaper rash remedy. Use only soaps, laundry detergent, shampoo, ointments or creams that are meant for babies to prevent a bad diaper rash. Babies have sensitive skin and those harsh perfumes, dyes, and chemicals can be too much for it.

Severe diaper rash is just one more thing to add to my list of Illness Prevention Tips.

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