Child Safety Gates

I love these child safety gates so much I have 4 of them and they have really enhanced child safety in the home! Here is why; They are see through without the fence-like grid that kids seem to catch their little fingers on. They clean up easily, they lock in place and are SUPER sturdy. These gates are quick release, can be mounted to swing away or just lift away.

Here is what "The First Years" has to say about the All Clear Swing Gate: It sports a good-looking molded plastic frame with clear plastic center panels. It can be doorway mounted using pressure or permanently mounted using the included hardware. When pressure mounted, the gate doesn't swing open but is easily portable from room to room. When hardware mounted, the gate swings easily one way or two ways, and can be used in doorways or at the top of stairs. Regardless of the way in which it is mounted, the gate slides to expand and fits doorways ranging from 27.5 to 42.5 wide.
All Clear Swing Gate
All Clear Swing Gate

This is the safety gate we use.

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