Fun times ahead with toddler development - Speech/Language and Intellectual Development

Oh, toddler development! It is fascinating world to explore and when you encourage the child's exploration, you promote toddler speech and toddler language development as well. When you put yourself in their place- in other words- physically put yourself at their level, it will help you get a better understanding of what they are experiencing as they are exploring anything and everything around them. You can imagine how they learn and how you can teach them! toddler development with a girl on a ride toy At this stage, you will more than likely discover their favorite word is "NO!" or "MINE!" and we all know how frustrating that can be! It is this toddler speech development that you wish you could mute (or that they never learned it)! But in reality, they are learning all about their sense of self.

You want to help these little guys to have a positive self-image (and as hard as it may be) to promote their independence. And believe me, this can be challenging to do some days when they are defiant and throw themselves down on the floor in a ear piercing tantrum! Yikes!!! It really is a part of toddler development that you'll have to be able to set strong and understood limits. Tough as some days may be, you'll also need/want to laugh about, be patient with, respect and yes, appreciate this stage.

baby with a big ball on top part of toddler development

During this toddler development stage they are always on the go, love to imitate, and will seem like they went from barely able to stand up to running! They love to push, pull, jump, fill things, dump things, stack, seek, destroy, touch and hit! Check out my Toddler Safety page. This really is a thrilling time for all involved in the child's life and for the child!Because of all the excitement that comes with toddler development, this is when I love to introduce them to basic "musical instruments"- that is, a rattle, or an oatmeal box with some larger blocks inside and taped shut, or a container with a secure lid (few blocks inside). We will sing and shake the instruments to some of my children's music CDs. It's a great time too, to do all of the fun finger-plays and rhymes. They learn them so quickly (toddler speech development) and delight in them as you do them together. See how enjoyable this can be? You have to try it and see for yourself how much fun you and the toddler will have!

What are some of the stages of toddler development? Just as with Infant Brain Development, there are several stages. I will discuss a couple of them- Toddler Intellectual Development and Toddler speech development (or toddler language development) to help you with a better understanding for your daycare home. I have a huge page on 4 year old growth and development too.

Toddler Intellectual Development - Ages 18- 24 months: What you can expect and be prepared for!

AMAZING! You will be astonished at just how much of a little imitator you will have on your hands! Toddlers at this stage love to listen to you as you recite simple rhymes, finger-plays or songs. They will point to their eyes, and ears and mouth and noses (hey, that sounds like a song you can sing with them!) Read, read, read to them! Simple books (board, or cloth) and let them help you turn the page. You could make them a little booklet with photos of mommy and daddy, or pets they have (or purchase a small photo album). You'll want to have a few items for them to play dress-up with... like hats, shoes, clothing (some simple Halloween costumes are fun! I buy them after Halloween when they are marked down to half price or less). I also have pretend "make-up" and mirrors- child safe of course - all of these fun types of pretending promote toddler development! promote toddler development card board box play You will find that they will like to choose between 2 items and they also will have a preference of what toys they like to play with. It may be the same toy every single day! But you can encourage their toddler development by expanding on what he/she are playing with- maybe using that toy for a simple game of hide and seek to see if they'll find it and hand it back to you.

- Toddler speech development/ toddler language development (Please keep in mind all children develop language at their own pace and may barely speak before they are 2- I want to give you some tips on encouraging their language):

* Remember when I mentioned I love to introduce basic musical instrument at this age? It is because at this stage of toddler development, they can say several words and these are words they can sing! Most love to sing - or at least try to by imitating, and humming! You will have so much fun supporting toddler speech development when you teach them simple songs, rhymes, and dance moves- just wait until they copy what you have taught them... You, the toddler, and their parents will be delighted!

You will also be astonished at how fast they will be learning new words. You can also promote toddler language development by expanding on a word a toddler may say. Talk to them! If he says "puppy" while looking at a stuffed toy, you could say "the puppy has small ears and he says "woof woof". Don't use "baby talk".

toddler speech deveopment  old lady Shirley R. Wrong talks to her daycare children with "baby talk". Most of her kids are in High School before they stop saying wa wa, so for a lot of years they go thirsty!
Remind yourself to tell them what you are doing, where you are going, and how you are feeling... If you do this enough times, it becomes old habit. At first you kind of feel like your talking to yourself! You're not! They are listening and learning!Encourage their parents and siblings to do this at home, too. Toddlers WANT to be talked to!

You'll notice at this toddler development stage that they will echoing you. They will sit and talk to themselves, you or anyone who will listen- it may sound like jabbering, but this is remarkable toddler speech development - Learning to talk takes a lot of practice!!! They may begin to put together simple sentences, and guess what? They understand more than they can say.

So to sum it all up-

We, as caregivers or parents, have the job, at this important toddler development stage, to enjoy and have fun SHARING our words with toddlers.

And the awesome gift we get in return is when the toddler will learn communicate back with us!

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