Why Do I Have a Child Biting?

  • A child biting is part of their learning process... really it is! They like to taste things. Plus when babies are teething, everything, it seems, go into their mouths. Not only are they are tasting it, it also feels good on the emerging teeth. The problem here is they don't really understand the difference between tasting/biting a toy or tasting/biting you!

  • They want to see what happens when they do... the cause and effect thing... I bite you, you cry or scream... mission accomplished! (this one is really frustrating, especially when they laugh when they do it!)

  • They are wanting some attention...a child biting someone gets to see how fast you'll pay attention to them!

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  • A toddler biting may mean they are stressed out and need to relieve some of their tension... How can a child be stressed you ask? Many reasons actually! Like changes at home (even toddlers are affected by divorce, moving, new baby, death, etc.)

  • They also love and need a routine, they need your interaction, as well as things to do that interest them. If they are not experiencing these, they can get stressed out!

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  • They are becoming independent and control others. Someone takes their toy away, they'll bite them to get it back NOW!

  • They are just plain frustrated. There's a lot of emotions going on in their tiny selves that they aren't sure how to control and when they can't figure out how to properly express their feeling, they resort to biting (or hitting and pushing).

  • A toddler biting may just want to imitate someone else they saw biting... they want to give it a go and see what happens when they do it, too.
Toddler Biting can be a stressful thing to deal with in your child care. Hopefully you will find what you need here to work the problem.

You certainly don't want to have to terminate care for child who bites (but you need to be sure you have a biting policy in your child care business!)

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