Stop Toddler Biting

Stop toddler biting with this list of tactics that I have used over the years. To understand more about Toddler Biting check out the main page.

  • Try separating the "who" involved. Redirect them away from each other to stop conflict.

  • If the biter is teething give them cold wash cloth or teething ring/toy to chew on.

  • If the child is biting close to feeding/meal/snack or nap time, believe it or not they may be hungry- stop toddler biting......FEED THEM

  • They may be tired- put them to bed!

  • If the incident happens when there's a fight over a toy, purchase a duplicate toy. You will find it's nearly impossible tomake a toddler share.

  • If you have a toddler biting for attention try to spend some quality time with them where you can do positive things with them- read a book, play a simple game, sing and distracting!

  • When the child is stressed out, stop toddler biting by trying to keep YOUR routine normal and be as compassionate as you can.

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