Music kids love and need for the following 4 different SUCCESSES;

1. Success in Society by: *Creating memories, helping with communication, stress relief, creating a “social group”, fostering creativity, entertainment, careers in the music business, a marketing tool, and global ties.

2. Success in School by: *Promoting -math skills, coordination, reading, writing, learning patterns, listening skills, art, language skills, memory, rhythm, social skills, physical and mental health, calming and relaxation, fine motor development, imaginations/creativity, moods, career skills, motivation, team work and cooperation.

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3. Success in Developing Intelligence by: *Promoting creativity, teaching patterns, math, rhythms, coordination, imagination, brain development, memorization, reading, language development, and individuality.

4. Success in Life by: *Lifting their spirit , career path, family, traditions, spiritual(possibly through Christian music for kids?), celebrations, sports, memories, friends, entertainment, relaxation (possibly through classical music for kids), learning, moods, and past time.

Now do you understand the hows and the why’s you need to promote music daily in your child care home? There is never a day that goes by in my house where there isn’t singing or dancing or music playing. It is fun, good exercise (if you get moving), or soothing, relaxing, and a stress reliever, and as you can see, essential for life and learning, all from music kids love!

It doesn't have to be Classical Music for kids for them to learn. Just be sure to use APPROPRIATE music for children. I think you can figure out what ISN’T. And also keep in mind that your interpretation of a relaxing song may not be the same for a child, so try a variety to see what works for different times of the day (especially nap time, like kids Christian music or classical music for kids).

So sing, even if you can’t- I have a 2 year old that tells me, “Julie, don’t sing.” And then she put her hand over my mouth! I just laughed -and it hasn’t stopped me yet! It never will. It’s too important for their life skills!

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