Teaching Little Kids Music!

  • For little kids music you will need to have musical instruments and props for hands on learning. Props can be ribbons, crepe paper, scarves, song related items, etc.

  • Include a Variety of music that will promote total development (Social, Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive) For example you could use classical music for kids for a smoother movement or more dramatic, depending on the song choice.

  • Use Singing and Movement in little kids music.

  • Use Rhythm (foot tapping, instruments, etc)

  • Listening (Play a few C.D.s or old tapes or use the computer)

  • Differentiation (so they can adapt for their individual differences)
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  • Have active interaction with you and other kids and materials in your day care. Don’t let a child experience music as a solo activity. Get yourself and all of your daycare kids involved! If you only have one child in your daycare, YOU make Two! Allow them time to explore – Don’t sing one song and you’re done. Our music time is at least a half hour. But really, we have music in my home for several hours. We sing constantly... breakfast, lunch, nap time, after naps, snack time...

  • Get out the instruments or make some of your own. An instrument can be an oatmeal box drum, a baby's rattle, a larger container with blocks inside, a tissue box with a rubber band wrapped around it, two wooden spoons to tap together, etc.

  • Use music for calming down... I use Christian music for my kids at nap time. Its pretty dependable - It doesn't blare or startle. You could definitely use classical music for kids instead.

Infants, toddlers and preschoolers need ACTIVE involvement. I’ve now told you “how” you can include little kids music in your daycare home. Now you need to know WHY it is essential!

Classical Music for Kids or any type of music for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers is so important! There are endless benefits of classical music for kids, Jazz, opera, folk, rock (some), cultural, childrens, and kids christian music.

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