Toddler Games FREE - keep them busy and your stress down!

Here are your Toddler games free, they are made up of some old and new games.

* Clothespin Drop: For these toddler games you will need several clothespin or small blocks and an empty oatmeal box or wide mouthed container (However, I would not use a large glass jar for safety reasons) . While standing over the container, each toddler gets a turn with 5 tries (or however many you determine) to see how many they are able to drop into the opening.

* Capture the Ball! : This is one of the free toddler games that is the most fun if played outside- they get a little wild, but get lots of exercise and burn off some of that energy! I wanted to include it for you because it is so simple and they have such a great time playing it. Have your toddlers stand in a circle with one child in the center. Give the child in the center a sponge or really soft ball (for an easy catch). The child in the center of this toddler game tosses the ball into the air while calling out the name of one of the children in the circle. That child has to try and catch it. That child is the one who goes in the center next.

* Feely Box: This is a great game for toddlers. Select a card board box that is large enough to cut an arm hole in the side for kids to reach inside. Put a few items inside for the toddlers to feel the contents without seeing them. (This one works really well for toddler party games- can be theme-related). Be sure to use items that yourtoddlers will recognize- like a baby pacifier, a small ball, a car, a small doll, a cup. They reach inside and feel, then try to tell you what the items are without seeing them. peek a boo
* Balance Beam: Run a long strip of masking tape along your floor and have them try to walk along it without "falling" off. You could also have them do follow the leader with you on this, or hop on one foot on it... what else do you think you could do with this???

* Copy Cat: Start this toddler games free where you pretend you are an animal- you will growl, make an animal noise or movement, or make a face; Choose a child to "copy" what you are doing. Then that child goes next and chooses which child will be the "copy cat".

* Puzzle Races: For this toddler games free have 2 large and easy puzzles (Made from 2 different colored poster board pieces and cut into 2,3, or 4 simple Puzzle pieces). Place the pieces all over your day care room where they are easily seen. Separate the kids into toddler teams and have them race to get their colored pieces. See which team can get their puzzle together first.

* Where's the Noise? Hide a wind up musical toy (or music box) when the children aren't looking and have them "find" the sound.

kids hold puzzle pieces

* Matching Toddler Games: Laminate printed out photos of your daycare toddlers (all photos the same size, 2 of each of the photos) Place the photos face side down, mixing them up, and, taking turns, have them turn 2 over- trying to find their 2 pictures or matching their friends photos!

* I Spy: Describe something or someone by saying, for example, "I spy, with my little eye.... Someone with a pink shirt and blue pants" etc. Select a child to guess what or who you are talking about. Then encourage them to "I spy".

* Good old Hide and Seek: It is amazing to me how cute it is when toddlers "hide". They may think that just covering their faces is the way to play these toddler games! They also seem to always hide in the same spot they did before, or where the person they just searched for hid. Kids are so funny!

* Silly Shoes Mix-up: You'll need an old pillow case and your daycare kids' shoes for this free toddler game. Have the kids sit in a circle with their shoes on. Go around to each child and have them place ONE of their shoes in your "bag" (the pillow case). When you have all of their shoes in your bag, shake them up really good- go ahead, be dramatic when you do it- the kids will get a good laugh and so will you! Go to the first child and have him reach into the bag, take out a shoe, and try to figure out whose shoe it is. Let them all have a turn reaching into the bag and finding the owner. They'll need to "match" the shoe- great problem solving and recognition skills!

* Beanbag Crawl: Remember the beanbag toss bags? Use these for the beanbag crawl. Have 2 (older) toddlers down on all fours (crawling position) side by side. Place a beanbag on their back and have them race by crawling and keeping the bean bag balanced on their back. Have a tape finish line. See who can make it there the fastest without losing the beanbag off of their back. You could also do this with them standing and balancing the beanbag on their heads and walking carefully to the finish line without dropping it. (they could go back to "start" if it falls off). Make it about fun, not about who wins! Check for more free online toddler games free.

Please keep in mind while you are doing these toddler games free that they may have some trouble understanding "rules". The ACTION is the fun part for them and not so much that they have to do it perfectly or to win. They want to play and have fun. Great idea, don't you agree?!!

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