Safely Clean Baby Toys and Eliminate Child Care Germs.

Here is how to clean baby toys and give them a nice "bath" by sanitizing with a bleach and water solution (OR you can use your dishwasher if toys are dishwasher safe):

1. Fill a small to medium-size bucket with room temperature clean water.

2. Add full strength chlorine bleach to the water. A general rule is 1 capful of bleach per 1 gallon of water.

3. Clean the baby toys by dipping them in the solution and let air dry.

*Tip! You can use this solution in a spray bottle to sanitize your counter tops, sinks, walls, etc. Be sure to pretest on a small hidden area... bleach will take color out of certain items. You should see all of my "tie-dyed" wash cloths! It also needs to be changed daily for effectiveness. Very inexpensive way to sanitize. It is a great idea to clean your toys regularly- you spend some of your hard earned income on them so you want to take care of them. You will also want to make sure you are selecting the best toys for the development of your children. My page Toys for Your Child Care will help make sure you do not waste any money purchasing toys that don't last!
Also, read my Best Kids Toys article.
I also use "Clorox Anywhere"- It was recommended to me by our Child Care Food Program Representative... I love it! No more spotted cloths and its fast and easy- but it is more a costly way to clean baby toys than the above solution.

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