Child Care Qualifications, Expectations, prep for Child Care Certification.

This is my extensive list of child care qualifications and expectations to help you have home business success. This will also help you start to prepare for child care certification or licensing. Here you go.....

- I am a mother of 2 and I LOVE kids. Obviously loving kids is mandatory, but being a mom isn’t.

-I have (most of the time) amazing patience- I don’t believe anyone has perfect patience. Of course patience is one of those mandatory child care qualifications.

-Being trustworthy- this is crucial for any relationship between parents and providers.

-I have high standards for morals and values. We are the care providers for our future generations- Don’t you want someone with strong values taking care of YOU someday??? robot holding baby -You must have a giving heart. Pretty much all day, every day.

-Be able to know when to let go. And this is so hard sometimes. You will be an inclusive person in a child's life and you are with them all day (sometimes 10 hours a day- more waking time than their parents usually have with them). You love these kids like they are your own… and you become attached.

-Do you have a sense of humor and are you prepared to have fun? You will do a lot of laughing!

-Another tough one in the list of child care qualifications is to rearrange your life, your home, and your schedule to accommodate quite possibly 6 (or more) other families'.

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-Can you work when your are sick or maybe injured more than the average person would be allowed to? Also, you may have to take care of mildly sick children - sometimes parents "forget" or just plain neglect to mention that they threw up the night before. This is a tough child care qualification.

-Be the last to be considered for monumental events in the child’s life- this can be heartbreaking.

-Expect to and prepare for vacations and days off without pay. (Of course this is up to the each individual child care provider).

-Are you ready to run a business- and account for it? (I will help you).

-You may have to give up some of your nights and weekends for classes, or if you decide to provide child care during those hours.

-Are you ready for some kids who can warm or melt your heart by their smile, a word or a hug?

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-Are you anxious to learn more about child development, discipline, child education, nutrition, child health, child care qualifications, child care expectations, etc? Or possibly you want to care for a special needs child? Many local Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies offer classes for free on these topics. Parents look for and appreciate a child care provider who is eager to improve her education and skills.

-Do you desire an extended family? Parents love the idea that their child will be loved and cared for in a family setting. If you have your own children, the advantages for them having daycare "brothers and sisters" are unreal! They learn to care and share, among a million other things!

Do you have to have all of these child care qualifications and fulfill all of the child care expectations listed here? Of course not. You will most certainly have your own unique abilities. THAT'S GREAT!

My hope is that this gives you some perspective and you'll consider these child care qualifications and know what parents want and expect before we get you started. This will help you get ready for the all important child care certification.

Keep in mind- Family child care providers all have different qualities that work for them. But I would be willing to bet that that these suggestions are pretty accurate.

YOU are going to be the one parents call for their babies,

YOU are the one people will give referrals to,

YOU will be the respected and sought after child care professional!!!

Here's the Bottom line -

Parents want only the best care for their kids, and we are going to make you that provider.

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