Daycare Grants May Be the Help You Need to Start Your In Home Daycare!

When you make the decision to become an in-home child care provider, check into daycare grants to help you get started. They are out there and with a little research you may qualify. The federal government, states and possibly local organizations will set up these grants for home providers as well as grants for daycare centers. These grants are all part of your Price and Cost and are all part of your business accounting system.

From research that I have personally done I have found that while they are not impossible to get, (as most are for non-profit) they do take effort and work on your part to find them, and to achieve them, and many times they aren’t always a lot of money. However- when you are just starting out any amount does help so I don’t want to discourage you from looking into them. I have been able to obtain a couple of grants over the years and they have amounted to over $2000!

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The first place I would suggest you inquire about grants for daycare is with your local Child Care Resource and Referral office or licensing agency. Sometimes there will be daycare grants offered if you take training, such as “Child Net or QRS” that you receive stipends once completed.

If you are unable to find or qualify for any and you need some start up cash, you may want to try this:

  • A small business loan from you bank.
  • Ask friends or relatives for a loan (or gift) to help you out.
  • Check with local businesses or organizations – I have heard of many in our area giving grants for daycare centers. It may be worth asking!
  • Check with the Small Business Administration for low interest financing for a small business in your home.
  • Check with local women’s organizations- they may have financial help for a woman owned and operated business.

I encourage you to look into grants for daycare. Here is a website that may help too if you strike out with CCR&R: They have a listing for all 50 states.

You will never know until you try and there may be money out there just waiting for YOU to use it! Good luck!

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