Cozy Corner Baby Play Mats

As baby play mats go, this one is hard to beat. This Hexagon Happening Hollow is what we call our “cozy corner”. It is a wonderful area for kids to read, relax, and have fun! It creates a great indoor play area.

We use ours in many great ways:

  • - For a quiet reading time
  • - As a learning tool for colors and shapes
  • - Great to hop around on for those days when kids need to release some energy- and no fear of them falling … nice soft landing.
  • - Infants love it too, they are great baby play mats! Bright bold colors to look at and nice texture to feel. Drool and spit up is a breeze for cleaning.
  • - Toddlers love it to explore, climb, and jump--- it’s a safe landing for them too!

As you can see, kids LOVE it!

Hexagon Happening Hollow
  • - We play a game similar to musical chairs : I'll say a color prior to starting the music. Then I will play some fun music like “Greg and Steve Playing favorites CD “ The kids will walk around inside the triangles… when I stop the music, whoever is on the color sits out.
  • - It is a great, soft area to rest on when a child is sick.
  • - We can take it outside!
  • - It's child size furniture.
  • - It is easily cleaned up and sanitized for daily cleaning from drools and spit ups or outside play, etc!
  • - It is so durable and excellent quality so it will last for years to come. You are getting what you pay for so you don’t waste your money.
  • - The triangles come apart for separate seating or making the sections into little triangular tents.

I wouldn't be without mine.....

This link will let you check out more on this awesome product. Hexagon Happening Hollow I can’t begin to tell you all of the fun things my kids have experienced in it. I highly recommend it for your daycare home- You and your daycare kids will LOVE IT!

“Juwee, you have the bestist cozy coner in the whole world!”

Avery, Age 2.

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