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by: Anonymous

My daughter has suffered like u wouldn't believe. She was really slow at getting her teeth and within a month has gotten 8 she is now working on her eye teeth the last 4 teeth then were done. This mom can hardly wait to be finished with teething. My daughter has suffered so much pain that she usually throws up doesn't eat only wants a bottle not sleeping through the night and super super cranky. My oldest daughter was the same way she suffered the same symptoms but I guess it was worth it she has absolutely gorgeous teeth and very healthy. I just wish there was some miracle thing out there that parents could use for those baby's that have an extremely tough time. To all the moms out there I wish u all the best through these tough times of teething.

Thank you!
by: Nana Poole

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU for your entry regarding your little ones eye teeth ordeal.
My grand daughter is going through exactly the same horrendous symptoms and even though I am a mother of two children myself, I have never seen such agony being suffered by a little child with this darn teething of eye teeth.
You have put our minds at rest and although the child still is suffering through it, at least we know this is not abnormal behavior.
again, thank you for sharing.
Nana Poole.

I had the same thing with my son!
by: Trish

I think I could have wrote this story too!!

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