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Potty training girls, in my opinion, is a bit easier than the boys. -I know that from my many years of experience they seem to be a bit easier and I want to help you by giving you potty training tips for girls. You should check on the basics of Potty Taining Problems first. OR you can skip straight to Potty Training Tips for Boys. potty training girls, girl on potty As I just mentioned, I do believe girls are a bit easier when it comes to potty training than the boys. They seem to be able to "hold it" (peeing) longer at an earlier age. This is only my opinion- All kids are different! Some are ready earlier than others, some need diapers at night, some may do awesome one week and then next week have daily accidents. Some girls may get it figured out in a day or two and never have an accident again! This is some information that parents need to hear so be sure to share it with them. You'll have to reassure them that accidents do happen. And if their child has an older sibling, they should not expect this potty experience to be the same. It is extremely hard not to compare! (I know, I have 2 children of my own).

At what age should you begin potty training girls?

That's a good question! It all depends on their readiness.

So how will you know? (Be sure to share this information with their moms and dads)

The SIGNS they show they are ready to "go"! Watch for these signs for potty training girls:

- Her diaper may be staying dry for several hours. (This means the bladder muscles are developed enough)

- She knows what peeing or pooping is.

- She may TELL you she peed or pooped (of course it is usually too late for you to get her on the toilet!)

- She may TELL you she wants to go pee or poop (or whatever she'll call it...pee pee, poopie, wee wee, ackie- you get the idea)

- She may want to sit on the toilet or pretend she is sitting on a toilet with her clothes on. She may also pretend her dolls or toys are going potty, too.

- She has a bowel movement at a (usually) predictable time. Sometimes they will go squat in a corner or try to hide. Boys, especially will do this- See my "Potty training tips for boys" page for more information.

girl on potty

- She is able to push when she has to poop.

- She can pull her pants up or down.

- She shows interest in others going to the bathroom.

- She doesn't like wearing a wet/poopie diaper.

- She isn't afraid of the potty.

Now that you are seeing the signs that she is ready for learning to use the toilet, how do you proceed?

Here are my potty training for girls- Your free potty training advice! These have worked for me for 30 years!

How you'll want to prepare and proceed for potty training girls:

- I have found that girls that are put in "big girl panties" (with plastic pants over them) and NOT pull-ups do remarkably well. Yes, she will most likely have accidents and it can be messy for you to clean up.

However...when you are potty training girls and she wears a pull-up it really isn't any different than a diaper. Pull-ups pull the wetness away from them as a diaper does and she will not get the discomfort of being wet. And when she goes poopie in her underwear, she will know it. The majority of all the little ones I have trained have NOT liked this feeling or their smell, nor do they like soiling their panties. They become proud of that underwear!

- I ask the parents to bring me several pairs of underwear and plastic pants along with several pairs of pants/shorts and socks (some times stuff dribbles down their legs). The plastic pants help to keep their clothes from getting soaked or soiled (as well as your floors/furniture).

- I do recommend that you put a diaper or pull-up on during nap time until they are consistently dry during this time for a couple of weeks.

- When you start potty training girls, be sure to take her to the potty every 20-30 minutes. You should give her adequate time to go, but don't stay in there too long. (More than likely you will not be able to because of the other children you need to watch in your daycare.)

- When she does go potty, be sure that you tell her what a wonderful job she's done!! (We practically have a party the first time!) All kidding aside, I usually give her a stamp or sticker or small treat (if parents allow). baby with toilet paper - Be consistent every day- (remember what I said about parents on my "Potty training Problems" page? They need to be on the same page as you! Share these potty training girls tips so they can duplicate at home.

- Be sure you share with parents all of her accomplishments and accidents in the day. If she has had a bowel movement, let them know when.

- I put all soiled underwear and clothes in a plastic bag for parents to take home.(Then outside on my front porch). I don't have the time in my day to do laundry... this will be up to you how you will want to handle this- I strongly recommend you send them home with the parents.

- If she cries and is scared when it's time to go potty then I would stop. You can try again at a later date. Learning to use the toilet should be a positive experience for her!

My goal for my free potty training advice and potty training girls tips is to help you and your families provide a positive and successful potty training experience for her. When you are ALL consistent, patient, and you follow this, it will work for you, too!

And before you know it, she'll be out of the diapers!

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