Interview questions

by Christie
(BC Canada)


I have read over most of the site, haven't yet read the blog, and have not found a list or suggestion of questions to ask potential parents. I have started doing care for a friend and things started off well but I will be doing an interview of a potential parent in a few days and don't really know what questions I should be asking them. I am aware of the questions they will be asking me and know that it is a 2 party interview. I wont be running a day care, but looking after 2 children (license and registration not required) in my home part time (I have another job that is also part time).

Helpful ideas would be wonderful!



Hi Christie

Thank you for your question about interviewing parents. It sounds to me like you are prepared for the questions that the parents are going to ask about you, and you are absolutely right…You need to ask them LOTS of questions about them and the child as well.

Interviewing parents is a very important step in building relationships with the families you will be providing care for, regardless if it is for just one family or 8 families. And since you know that they are going to be asking you TONS of questions, you want to be prepared with a list of questions, too. You want to

be sure it is going to be a good “fit” for you.

After all, you are going to be partnering with them possibly for a few years and you want to do what’s right for the child’s benefit.

I have interviewed so many parents over the years and I can tell you from past experiences that NOT EVERY family is a perfect fit for every child care provider! You don’t have to accept a child into your home just because they interviewed with you and they want the child to come to you.

Below I am including a couple of samples for interviewing parents from my very extensive list in my book In Home Child Care Business. A Quick Start Guide!

I discuss

“red flags”

that you want to look and listen for during your visit with them so you can make the best choice for you and your family. I also take you step by step preparing for, then taking you through the process of interviewing parents. As I mentioned before, it doesn’t matter if you are caring for one family or 8… licensed or not, if you are accepting a child into your home to care for him/her while the parent/guardian is away, you are a child care provider and these tips will help you.

Sample Questions for interviewing parents from my eBook that you may or may not have thought about:

- How many other providers have you interviewed? This could be a red flag if they have been to several and no one would take them!

- Where do you work and how long have you been there?

- Are there situations where you have to stay late, and if so who will be picking up the child?

- Who can pick up the child up?

Again, Thank you for your questions!

Best of luck to you Christie!


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