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by Amanda


Hello, I’m 25 yrs. Old and I am interested in opening a "daycare" but I want to know if I need to go to school for this? If so what classes would I have to take? I’ve taken care of babies and toddlers before. Now I’m think about taking the time to open up a daycare and take care of children besides family and friends. If you can help me out I’d be very grateful. I also looked at your qualification page I believe I am a good fit.

Hi Amanda,

Every state is different with their regulations and requirements for child care providers. To help you get started in your business I would recommend 2 things:

1. First of all I urge you to consider my book… “In Home Child Care Business A Quick Start Guide”- I wrote it specifically for people just like you who want to get started in a successful career as a sought after child care provider. It is my guide to teach you how to get started as well as what you SHOULD AND SHOULDN’T DO! Follow this link to learn more:
In Home Child Care Business. A Quick Start Guide!

2.Next go to this website:
Illinois Child Care
This Illinois publication outlines your necessary steps for starting a child care business in your home. They will inform and assist you on the requirements, classes you may need, regulations, etc.

Thank you for your question and hope that you will keep us posted on your decision!


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