Dangers of childhood obesity

So to get to the point...these are the dangers of childhood obesity and we want to help these kids!

Children need to get exercise and healthy food in proper portions! It is our job to promote exercise, as well as providing healthy and nutritious food to improve some of these causes of childhood obesity.

If you read the childhood obesity health risks on my Child Obesity page you will understand why we as providers need to help improve the dangers of childhood obesity...

What can YOU do if you have an obese child in your care????

When you have concerns you must talk with the parents. Please share this information with them. Communication is so important between you and the parents and you want to do what you can together as consistently as possible.

Lets discuss how we can help their child maintain a healthy heart and body, as well as a healthy body weight to reduce the dangers of childhood obesity. * First of all, the child and the parents will need your support to conquer this condition. Every child needs acceptance. The effects of childhood obesity can be tough on a child so they will need all of the love and encouragement you can all provide. You never want to single him/her out, especially during mealtime. Compliment them when they make healthy food choices or participate in a physical activity.

* Limit T.V. time (or have NONE at all), instead promote music- dancing and movement. See my

Music page If this is an older child (and the mom and dad need some ideas for at home), encourage the parents to limit his/her t.v./video game/computer time to a minimum, on of the major causes of childhood obesity. You could suggest different physical FAMILY activities like walking, bicycling, gardening, outdoor games (basketball, catch, tennis, volleyball, etc.),swimming, hiking.

Have A Great Story About Childhood Obesity Facts?

Do you have a great story about Childhood Obesity Facts? Share it!

*You know- fun physical stuff that they will enjoy. (Keep them simple and easy- you want the child to have fun) All of these activities can help fight off the effects of childhood obesity! Plus when you make it part of your lifestyle,everyone benefits physically as well and sets a healthy example.

You can provide these types of activities in your daycare home, too, if you have older children. Scale it down a bit for younger children, but get them moving! You are just trying to reduce the dangers of childhood obesity.

You should always try to serve a variety of nutritious snacks and meals in portions appropriate for a child's age. Great choices are fruits and vegetables- fresh is the best, then frozen, dried, or canned. Another good choice is low fat cheese, yogurt, dry cereal (read the labels for sugar content),graham crackers, etc.

Does this sound familiar? Shirley R Wrong makes sure the kids she watches eat everything on their plate---even lick the plates clean!!!! To make matters worse she feeds them corn dogs, potato chips, and gummy worms for dessert. To drink, she orders soda-pop in kegs- she says she wants to make sure they don't dehydrate!

But keep in mind, regardless of all of the causes of childhood obesity that you have learned, if your are going to restrict a daycare child's diet the parent should provide you written permission from their doctor to do so. Food is not a punishment or a reward and do not represent it as such. Children NEED it for their growth and development, health, and energy.

Remember as I said above, its about providing healthy choices for them. * When it is mealtime, NEVER let the kids eat in front of the television (Shut it off!). Sit down at a table together. Ask the parents if the child eats in front of their T.V. or if they eat together at their table. If they don't dine together, encourage them to do so. Be sure you all eat slowly...don't rush your meals. This also helps with "seeing" what the child eats.

Persuade the parents to involve their child when they plan their meals and then go shopping for the groceries (helps the child make healthy choices and healthy decisions). You could ask for suggestions from the parents for your menu planning too. Everyone will learn together and be healthier for it. * Helping an obese child reduce the dangers of childhood obesity and develop healthy eating and physical activity habits is a gradual process. It takes time to change the effects of childhood obesity. However, once the child can develop these habits with the love and support of family and you, their care giver, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle for life!

You and their parents can help change the child's life,

and some of the grim dangers of childhood obesity they are faced with. Be supportive, loving and patient. It will be worth it for life changing results!

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