A childrens sleeping area must work for them and for you.

Where should they sleep? A children's sleeping area in a bedroom with a crib, of course, would be ideal. However you need to have the children's sleeping area where you can view them at all times.

Since I have limited space in my home for a napping area I use our formal dining room (separate room off of my kitchen) for my baby nap area with baby beds in it. It has nice room darkening drapes to change the atmosphere to be sleep-friendly. Babies need to be in your site AT ALL TIMES- Asleep or awake. The toddlers sleep in the family room which is where this picture was taken. Notice the soft thick mat, warm blankets, and even a little friend to sleep with!

You must create conditions that promote sleeping, make it dark, cozy, warm in winter, cool in summer. Part of these conditions are what I mentioned earlier on my Sleeping Babies and Nap time - Strategies for success! page----don't let parents persuade you into the "no nap thing" for their baby. You will have a noisy baby and no one will sleep and your afternoon will be full of fussy children. Inform the parents why- Infants need naps, too, for their physical,language and cognitive development,and their social well-being.

child sleeping

So, rather than demand that "all children have to take naps at your house" explain why with your good reasons;

  • - When you put their baby in a crib to nap, they may kick, roll around, or pull themselves up. They are physically "exercising" strengthening their little muscles and promoting their physical development. - When their baby hears soft music playing, or your voice singing to them as you rock them, or the stories you are gently reading them, you are helping them learn sounds and our language developing their language skills.

baby with blanket
  • - When their baby can comfort herself while she goes to sleep, she'll develop a habitual pattern of sleeping. That will help her manage her feelings and begin to control her behavior.

  • - When you respond to their cues for sleep- the rocking, blanket, pacifiers, soft music, your soothing voice they develop a sense of cause and effect as well as a sense of time.

Usually, parents will appreciate your willingness to help and may even ask you for napping tips for home.

Observe and act on the "cues" with consistency and create a sleeping area that promotes sleep and you'll be on your way to a happier, well-rested baby and a happier, less-stressed you.

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