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by Kay


Hello, my name is Kay and I read your post and I currently live in MI and I am interested in starting a day care in a church/parish. I may also be seeking a partner. Do you have any suggestions? I am having a very hard time locating church space? Thanks for your expertise, time and consideration and I look forward to your response. Have a great day.


Thanks for the question Kay,
I hope I understand your question, this is not something I have much experience with. However, it would seem to me that your own church would be your best bet. Otherwise you may need to find one needing income from you renting space from them. This may be the "play" you have to make--they can earn income on idle space during the week. With State laws being different you may have an issue in your state just soliciting churches to start a daycare. For example in my state you must have a degree in elementary education to run a daycare center--(more than 10 kids). IF you get a church interested and laws do not prohibit you, there are a lot of other questions; what is the space like, how big is it, if you are open during church will they pay you, or is it voluntary, do you have to be registered or licensed, do you have to pay them for the space or a percent, do you need your own insurance, what about utilities, how many children do you plan on having, how much space do you need, and then the question about selecting a partner. I cover a lot of these questions in my book, like registering, licensing, insurance, setting up your space, and all kinds of information you could use to choose a partner. You can check out some of what is included here In Home Child Care Business. A Quick Start Guide! I hope some of this helps Kay, and I hope I understood your question.


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