Stop Toddler Biting

Stop toddler biting with this list of tactics that I have used over the years. To understand more about Toddler Biting check out the main page.

  • Try separating the "who" involved. Redirect them away from each other to stop conflict.

  • If the biter is teething give them cold wash cloth or teething ring/toy to chew on.

  • If the child is biting close to feeding/meal/snack or nap time, believe it or not they may be hungry- stop toddler biting......FEED THEM

  • They may be tired- put them to bed!

  • If the incident happens when there's a fight over a toy, purchase a duplicate toy. You will find it's nearly impossible tomake a toddler share.

  • If you have a toddler biting for attention try to spend some quality time with them where you can do positive things with them- read a book, play a simple game, sing and distracting!

  • When the child is stressed out, stop toddler biting by trying to keep YOUR routine normal and be as compassionate as you can.

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  • When a toddler bites, they need to know that it is UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. You need to be firm! Let them know it is NOT OKAY TO BITE.

    "It hurts and makes them cry! You may bite this (toy or cloth) but you MAY NOT bite him or anyone else!"

    Have them help you wash the bite, bandage it (if necessary) and hug and comfort the bitten child. Be SURE to document if there is an injury, and what kind of first aid or medical attention was applied.

    • Sometimes the biter will seem out of control. If this happens you will want to separate him or her from the others until they settle down. You may have to put them on a "time out". After you wait a few minutes, (and the child has calmed down) talk to the child about their biting behavior.
  • Take time to learn the reasons for toddler biting, then you can work your problem and get some solutions!

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